Black Cat With Super Long Fangs Resembles Dracula, Goes Viral Online

We often see videos of pets on our newsfeeds and most of the time, they are shared because they are just too adorable to ignore. But sometimes, we get to see videos of peculiar pets circulating around the internet.

A video of a pure black cat has gone extremely viral on social media recently. If you would think of a black cat, you would wonder what made it viral as it seems pretty normal to see this color on a kitty. But what made this cat very peculiar is its long, pearly white fangs that protrude from its mouth.

The cat, which we learned the name is Monk, did not look this pretty and healthy back then. He was actually adopted by a girl named Rienzie. According to her, they saw Monk while she and her mom where driving home. A black cat darted in front of the car and they almost ran over it.

During that time, Monk was very skinny and tiny kitten with fleas all over its body. Rienzie picked him up and took him to shelter. She even phoned friends who could possibly adopt Monk so it would have a permanent place to stay at. One of Rienzie’s friends was actually interested, but Rienzie decided to keep Monk instead.

According to Rienzie, she decided not to push through with giving Monk away because during that time, she felt like she needed saving just like Monk. At the time they found the cat, Rienzie had just lost his father and she felt that keeping Monk would be a good way for her to have some company. This way, she would have some sort of constant companion whom she could cast her worries upon.

Ever since, they have had a strong bond with each other. And as Monk grew, people started realizing that its fangs are growing bigger than the normal cat. Monk’s fangs have grown to three quarters of an inch making it stick out from his mouth.

This has caused Rienzie to w0rry about Monk’s growth, but the vet said that the cat is rather healthy, and it was just blessed with really big canines. If anything, the fangs actually helped in making this kitty cat very popular on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Better known as v4mpire cat, Monk has now gathered 25,000 followers on Instagram alone. And we’re pretty sure that it’s about to go way beyond that number especially now that Halloween is coming up.

Watch Video Here:

Source: Facebook

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