ATTENTION PARENTS: This Is Why You Shouldn’t Be On Your Phones When You Are With Your Babies

Children, especially babies, are still forming their perceptions of the world. They are still undiscerning of what is risky or not. They have no concept of right or wrong nor do they know what might hurt them. As they grow older, their brains develop and with it comes a heightened curiosity about exploring things that might cause them h4rm.

This is why guardians and parents’ role in a child’s growing years are rather crucial. As discerning adults, we are supposed to take care, protect, and guide these children. But some people underestimate the h4rm that kids might be subjected to, so they become rather complacent when babysitting children.

A recent viral video shows exactly this as a babysitter’s inattentiveness causes things to go south for a baby.

The video is a rather sensitive one which is why Facebook decided to provide a disclaimer before anyone watches it. In it, you can see an adult woman wearing a yellow blouse and white shorts. She initially attends to two babies in an inflatable pool.

The babies seem to be enjoying the water as they were riding on floaters and there were toys all over them. One of them, the one riding a black floater seemed to be a lot older than the other one, who was on a yellow floater.

For some reason, the woman decided to turn her back on the kids and fiddled on her phone. A few moments later, the baby in the yellow floater gets toppled over, causing the baby to fall into the water. And since the water was too deep for the baby, we all know where this leads.

The toddler in the black floater immediately saw this incident and tried to help out the baby. He tries to reach the baby, but his floater gets in the way. He even tried to reach for the yellow floater and hand it to the baby, but the situation just couldn’t be helped, unless an adult pulls the baby out.

The toddler even got to the edge of the pool and tried to call the attention of the woman, but she just kept on chatting on her phone. The toddler did this more than once, and the woman didn’t seem to budge, even tapping the edge of the pool as if telling the toddler to stop bothering her.

Little did she know that there was already something critical happening behind her. It wasn’t until she turned around to avoid the toddler’s calls for help that she finally saw the other baby.

Watch Video Here:

Let this be a reminder of how much we should pay attention to our children. And that whenever they call for us, it’s not just for some attention-seeking feat.

Source: facebook

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