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Amazing Balancing Act Using Chicken Feather and Sticks Has Audience Holding Their Breath

They say life is all about balance. In order to be at peace and contented with one’s life, we are told that we need to balance all aspects of it. From career to family, friends to personal life, we need to have a healthy mixture and balance of things, otherwise, we tend to be unhappy.

But balance does not also mean being able to juggle several things that are happening in your life. It could also mean the literal sense of the word. Having good balance could save you from a lot of misfortune, especially when you are in the road riding a motorcycle or crossing a narrow path or bridge.

But when it comes to balance, no one could be more talented than this Asian-looking woman in this viral video. In the footage, we see a woman presenting her abilities on what seems to be Georgia’s version of the Got Talent franchise. In front of her were a lot of sticks differing in length and sizes. In her hand, she was holding a rather big feather and a small stick.

She starts the act by placing the feather on the stick. It seemed very easy at first since there were only two things she was trying to balance. But further into her performance, the crowd just felt silent in awe of what she was doing.

After balancing the tip of the feather and the first stick, she gets a longer stick from the pile near her feet. She places it horizontally so that it would balance the other stick where the feather rests. She does this so meticulously that the judges and the audience can’t help but focus on what she was doing as well.

She repeatedly adds sticks to the whole piece, and each time she adds one, the sticks get longer and bigger. Surprisingly, the feather at the other end of the piece does not appear to be touched or moved in any way or form.

After adding more than 10 sticks into the whole balancing act, she finishes with an amazing addition to the balancing sticks. She gets one last stick from the floor and makes it stand on the floor without any support to keep it up. And then, she places the whole set of sticks she was balancing by hand into the tip of the last stick that now stood on the floor.

As she was doing this, reaction shots from the audience and the judges were shown, and it looked like they were worried the sticks would fall apart any minute. But as if by some work of magic, the whole piece stood up by itself and the woman gets a thundering round of applause from the audience.

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