WATCH: Real Life 9 Month Old Little Mermaid Swims Alone in the Pool

If you can read this, then you’re probably old enough to know who the Little Mermaid is. How can we forget that red-haired mermaid who has the voice of an angel? Initially written as a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, it became more popular when Disney made it into an animated film.

Since then, it has been part of the classic cartoon movies that every kid knows about. Whether you are a guy or a girl, we can’t deny the fact that watching the little mermaid swim under water has also inspired and interested us in experiencing the joys of swimming.

But apart from being an enjoyable activity, swimming could also lead to serious matters if not done correctly. The water in the sea, river, or even a pool can look calm, but if you don’t know how to float in its deep parts, you could be in big trouble.

According to research, dr0wn1ng is the number one leading cause of 1njury-related d34ths among infants and children under five. This is why parents should really consider swimming as an important survival kids that their children should learn.

In this viral video circulating among several social media platforms, we see a real-life little mermaid, being cute and adorable as she swims by herself in a pool. She is only 12 months, but she already knows how to float and move in the water.

We learned that the baby’s mom is Grace Fanelli from Florida, and that she has really invested in teaching her kids to swim at an early age. According to her, babies can learn the basics of floating and surviving on water as early as 6 months old.

As a matter of fact, her eldest daughter who is now three years old started swimming when she was only 9 months. Grace really feels the importance of babies learning this ability so that they can save themselves from sticky situations when they are in the water.

Many people who have seen the video have been impressed with how the baby was able to fluidly swim in the water without any signs of being uncomfortable. The video has also inspired many parents all over the world to educate their children about this very important survival ability.

Soon enough, a lot of babies will be able to swim by themselves even without supervision, which of course lessens the worries of the moms out there whenever they bring their kids near the water.

wow 1 year old swim? 😯

Posted by Maria Anghelita on Friday, September 14, 2018

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