WATCH: Pilot amazingly saves his passengers’ lives during a typhoon

We all know that being a pilot is never easy. This job requires you to have a great source of knowledge and a handful of courage and braveness. Because of the privilege of traveling from one country to another, many people aspire to be one, but the standards of this profession are definitely challenging. These pilots are also responsible for their passengers, who entrusted them with their lives. Fighting against typhoons is also one of the most challenging conflicts of this occupation.

Recently, a video of a pilot who successfully managed to save a plane from an unfortunate incident shocked a lot of netizens. The clip was uploaded online and has been gaining a lot of attention ever since.

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According to reports, the plane known as Dragon Air B-737 was about to make its landing at an airport in Shen Zhen, China. Because of the strong winds brought by the typhoon, the aircraft had a hard time making a smooth landing. The number of passengers wasn’t revealed but it was certain that their lives were definitely at stake.

Floating up in the air, the plane has spun a full 360 degrees which definitely shocked many people. After this, it can also be seen that it had swayed down for a couple of times as the pilot still tries to take everything under control.

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The video also showed the passengers who were visibly traumatized by the event. Hundreds of them took off the plane via a giant slide prepared by the management of the airport. People were also heard screaming for help after their horrifying experience inside the aircraft.

Although it was truly a frightening experience, many people still thanked the pilot for saving the lives of his passengers. Netizens stressed that it could have ended badly but thanks to the pilot’s skills and quick thinking, he was able to bring his passengers to safety.

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Watch The Video Below:

WATCH: Pilot amazingly saves his passengers’ lives during a typhoon. This was said happened in China.

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