This Woman Uses A Cloth Iron Instead Of Hair Straightener

Bad hair day is always a struggle for all the women out there. It is something that they can’t control or predict. So, for most women, the common remedy for a bad hair day is ironing their hair. They usually do it for the sake of straightening out all the frizzy hairs and other unwanted problems.

However, this woman in this viral video has a different way of flattening out her hair. Instead of using a hair straightener, she bravely used a cloth iron to do justice for her frizzy hair.

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As seen in the footage, a woman was in front of a mirror while she was straightening her hair. At first glance, it seems that it was just a normal video. However, as you pay attention to what she was doing, she was flattening out her hair using a cloth iron. This really made the netizens cackled so hard.

As we all know, it’s not a usual thing to use a cloth iron for straightening our hair. But this woman in this video, it looks like she doesn’t have a choice that’s why she used a cloth iron. Her friends, on the other hand, kept on hyping her up and constantly asking her about her experience.

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Netizens, who were mostly women, expressed their sentiments on the viral video. Most them reminisced those silly days when they also tried using a cloth iron instead of a hair straightener. They also revealed that they did it because they were in a hurry during that time and there was no time for them to look for their hair straightener.

“Girls, I went to high school using this all the time. One day, a girl came to school with a V in the middle of her forehead. Her mom dropped the iron on her head while straightening her hair. It’s been over a decade and I still find it funny as hell.”

The Facebook page “Newsflare” uploaded the viral video. As of this writing, the hilarious short clip already racked thousands of views and shares, and hundreds of comments and reactions.

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Watch The Video Here:

Ironing your hair

When you're in a rush and can't find your straighteners

Posted by Newsflare on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Source: Facebook

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