Throwback! Do you remember playing this game before all the smartphones came along?

Nowadays, we all know that technology has taken over this world of ours. Wherever we look, we can see an abundance of hi-tech gadgets used by a lot of people. They are certainly some of the things that make life these days a little more interesting. Despite this, have you ever just stopped and thought about what life was like before all of this? Recently, a lot of netizens got nostalgic over a video of an old game that apparently almost everyone played at one point in time.

In a video spreading quickly all over social media, we see two girls playing with a string. It was made of some elastic material (imagine it like a bigger and more flexible rubber band). Throughout the video, we see them forming shapes with the string and passing it to each other to create more new shapes. Think of the game as an infinite loop of solving puzzles by making new puzzles.

Though no one really knew the exact name of the game, a lot of people claimed that they remembered playing the mentioned game when they were younger. Numerous netizens commented about their childhood experiences with this elastic material. To add to that, they even mentioned a few more childhood games that made things a lot more sentimental. Talk about a major throwback!

It seems like a lot were able to relate to the content of the video as it gathered around 245,000 reactions, 54,000 comments, and a stunning 1,500,000 shares! Nostalgia can really surprise a lot of people, don’t you think? What about you, do you remember any childhood games that you played before all the smartphones started spawning? Why not share them with us? Let’s take a trip down memory lane!

It is nice to think about the past once in a while. Remembering these moments can really bring back a lot of good memories and feelings. If you were given the chance, would you spend 24-hours in that smartphone free world?

Watch The Video Below:

So this is what we did before we had #smartphones & #beforeFacebook!

Posted by Angie Ward on Sunday, January 24, 2016

Source: Facebook

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