‘Star ng Pasko’ rendition by Israeli kids will warm your heart

The holiday season is upon us! This statement might not ring true for other parts of the world, but for the Filipinos, the Christmas spirit can already be felt during the start of the September.

Slowly, Christmas decorations in houses, along the streets, in huge buildings like malls and parks will be installed to light up our nights as we wait for the cold breeze of the ‘ber’ months. During this time, more and more Christmas carols and songs will be played in radio stations and malls. Through these small acts and practices, the spirit of this season can be felt by each and everyone of us. Truly, no other race can do Christmas like Filipinos do.

We even have our own version of Christmas jokes! Filipinos love singing as much as they love the holiday season, and that’s why the Jose Mari Chan jokes and memes instantly became popular among netizens. Dubbed as the father of Christmas songs in the Philippines, Jose Mari Chan’s voice heard through the speakers of malls is a sign that our favorite holiday is finally here.

The connection between Christmas and singing doesn’t just end with that. Our local television stations also have this tradition of producing heartwarming Christmas TV station I.D.s. Those station IDs are colored by with well-written and catchy original songs about the Filipino tradition of celebrating the miraculous birth of Christ. One of the most unforgettable station IDs were of ABS-CBN, the 2009 Star ng Pasko. Until this day, many Filipinos still sing their hearts out whenever the first tune of this song plays.

It seems like Filipinos are not alone in appreciating this masterpiece of a song. In a viral video posted on Facebook by the page Laong Laan, a classroom full of Israeli children and teachers was passionately singing to Star ng Pasko.

The video started with a Filipino kid singing the first lines of the iconic song. All eyes and ears were on him as he sang it sincerely. The hook part of the song came, and everyone sang with him.

It’s amazing to see how foreigners value and appreciate our own traditions and songs. What’s even more amazing is that these people sang like their hearts understand the beautiful, piercing lyrics of the Pinoy station ID. From the comments section, netizens expressed their happiness upon watching the video:

“This is so beautiful! Love Israel. Thank you for being open to our language and for participating in this sweet rendition…. We love you!”

“Ang galing,di ko alam pero parang naiiyak ako habang kinakanta nila ung kanta ng pilipino,kakaproud.”

Do you agree with the comments? Share your thoughts below!

Watch The Full Video Here:


Star ng Pasko sa Israel #Pasko #ABSCBN #Christmas #IsraelGrade 6 Section 1 did harana to Nir Barkat Mayor of JerusalemThe song Star ng Pasko lead by Joshua Lopez

Posted by Laong Laan on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Source: Facebook

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