Netizens reacts on a video of a couple that went viral on social media

It has been a habit by most Filipino netizens to take a video of something they find interesting. These are random events or instances that they feel could attract a lot of audiences. And with a perfect caption, some of these videos become an instant viral. A Facebook page named King Music posted a video of a girlfriend holding onto her boyfriend real tight.

It was the most random video taken from a driver who may have been stuck in traffic when he or she filmed it. What made the video entertaining was the fact that it used a background music, Angeline Quinto’s “Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo.”

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The video lasted for two minutes. Within the two minutes, the girlfriend was seemingly stopping the guy from leaving. It was obvious that she was hugging him tightly from his neck. The guy attempted to leave a few times but the girl would not allow her.

The video was found hilarious by some. Others commented on their different assumptions on what could’ve happened or what was the reason behind it. Here are some of the netizens assumptions on the viral video:

“Well that’s love I don’t see anything wrong about it..if you really love someone fight for it..who cares sino nakakakita..nakikita lang kung ano nangyayari but you don’t know the real story behind everything, diba? So, nuod na lang.”

“Sa nakikita ko may kasalanan si girl kasi si boy pinunasan nya eyes nya it means the girl make a big mistake kaya don’t jugde easily look wisely. Think before you comment thank you.”

“arte kung ayaw di ayawan kung gusto edi magstay ganun lang yun di deserve ng isang tao ang luha mo kung ayaw naman sayo.”

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It was understandable that people who viewed it had different assumptions since it was unclear as to what really happened. But for whatever reason it was, we can only hope that it wasn’t bad news.

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Watch The Full Video Here:

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Posted by Kingmusic on Saturday, August 18, 2018

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