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WATCH: Couple’s tear-jerking video of their wedding ceremony inside a hospital

Every couple’s dream is to tie the knot in a wedding ceremony that celebrates their love. Whether it is grand or not, what’s important is that they can confess their love and recite their vows in front of their closest family and friends. Many couples even spent months or years preparing for this special event just to make everything perfect. But recently, a couple gained attention after they held an unusual wedding last August.

The ceremony of their wedding was uploaded online and has brought people to tears. It was also featured on media networks and several online pages.

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Ariel Idul recently bared it all in an interview with Korina Sanchez on “Rated K,” where he explained the reason behind their sudden decision. He and his long-time girlfriend, Rechie, decided to push through with the wedding inside a hospital in Davao City. Their unusual union was attended by their families and closest friends who were both happy and gloomy.

Sadly, his wife was diagnosed with a terminal illness. It was October 2017 when Rechie noticed that something is wrong with her body after she suffered severe bleeding. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and was reported that she first had myoma. Several months after her diagnosis, the doctor revealed that she was already on the advanced stage of her sickness and that her chances of survival were already minimal.

Upon hearing the tragic news, Ariel immediately decided to pursue their wedding even if Rechie was confined at the hospital. At first, the bride’s mom didn’t agree with his plan but because of his perseverance, they eventually agreed.

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Their simple ceremony brought tears to people who watched their moving video. Although the couple was happy that they’ve already fulfilled their dream, it was still obvious that they were wretched with their situation.

A week after their marriage, Rechie, unfortunately, left her husband and their two children. Ariel admitted that even though his heart still breaks because of the event, he was still grateful for his wife’s love. Although he wasn’t able to spend his life with Rechie, he was still thankful that he married her and has spent some of his years with her.

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