Prank video about involving “TV Patrol” receives mixed reactions from netizens

Not all stories on social media are true. Some of them are just edited in order to make it more hilarious and more entertaining to the viewers. This is perhaps what the Facebook page named “Papa Ghiee” wanted after uploading a prank video of the ABS CBN nightly program “TV Patrol.”

As of this moment, the viral video already garnered thousands of views, reactions, comments, and shares on Facebook. However, we’re not sure if everyone who saw it are completely on-board.

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As seen in the trending parody, it showed veteran broadcast journalist Bernadette Sembrano reporting about a man bitten by a snake inside his house. She reported that the victim was rushed to the hospital because the snake bit him on his private parts.

You can notice that the few minutes of the viral video really showed the original source. But when the victim was asked about what happened to him, this was when the parody immediately came into the picture.

In order to make the situation less serious, the man in the viral video said:

“Kasi po gumamit po muna ako ng Close-Up Toothpaste. Nakaka-high po pala iyong Close-Up Toothpaste. Tapos akala ko hindi po totoo iyong sawa na nakita ko. Pinanglaruan ko po siya. Tapos kinagat po iyong (ari) ko. Tapos naglaban na po kaming dalawa. Hindi ko po siya mataggal.”

The hilarious comedy sketch was maintained until the end of the viral video.

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Of course, netizens have mixed reaction towards the parody. Some netizens said that they almost believed the uploaded viral video while the other netizens said that they were completely disappointed—and even mad—for making a joke about the situation.

“Hoy! Huwag kayo matawa. Alam niyo na nga kinagat siya ng sawa, eh. Kung kayo makagat rin kayo sa ari ‘di ba masakit iyon? Nasasaktan na nga iyong tao tatawan niyo pa.”

“Tunay man na sawa o hindi. Kung to totoo iyan, (wala) na ang lalaki. Arte lang iyan. Mahilig lang iyan.”

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Watch The Full Video:

Lalaking kinagat ng sawa sa Ari-Old video#PapaGhiiee

Posted by Papa Ghiiee on Monday, September 3, 2018

Source: Facebook

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