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Check out how these parents test their daughter’s boyfrien

Our parents have always been eager to meet our love interests. Because of their love for us, they want to make sure that we will end up with the person who’ll take care of us. Our parents also like to invite their children’s partner so that they can get to know them more. This scenario is common for girls who like to introduce their boyfriends. Her parents will immediately observe the young man’s personality and if he will respect her well.

Recently, a Facebook page named Ogie Diaz Acting Workshop uploaded a video titled “Meet the parents.” The video will definitely give you lessons about being in a relationship.

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The story revolves around a girl who invited her boyfriend to their house so that she can introduce him to her parents. Before he arrives, her mom and dad immediately asked her questions about the young man. In response, she made sure that her boyfriend is a fine man that respects her.

When her boyfriend arrived, he immediately noticed how he was accommodated by his girlfriend’s parents. They were kind and thoughtful to him during his stay.

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Clueless, the young man wasn’t aware that the girl’s parents already planned something to test his personality. They said that they will go out to a party and will leave the two alone in the house. They left the young couple some advice and for the young man to just feel at home.

A few hours later, his girlfriend asked him if he wants to move to her room. She even passionately touched the young man as if she was seducing him.

Her boyfriend immediately refused and clarified that it wasn’t the right time to do such things.

The young girl immediately burst into tears and revealed that it was all part of his test. It turned out that her parents were already watching his response and were proud of the young man’s action. Her father even told him that he passed their test.

In the end, the young girl’s family quickly accepted her boyfriend and had a constant visit to their house. The video definitely gave couples especially millennials a few things to think about. The video also hoped that it would spread inspiration to young couples to value their parents’ trust and take care of it.

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Watch The Full Video Here:


Ah, kaya pala naka-shorts ang bagets, kasi may balak sa girlfriend? tingnan natin kung kayanin mo ang "Meet The Parents" at ikaw na rin ang humusga kung may karapatan ba itong mai-share at magwagi bilang "Most Viral" kung makakakuha ito ng highest number of shares until July 25. Nasa kamay mo ang sagot.Starring :Ashkena PinedaDerrick SoKristine QuintoJoel PeñaEmmylou SarriaRomeo LopezProduced by : Ogie Diaz Acting WorkshopDirected by : Ambo Jacinto

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