Improved! These passengers where shocked once this Badjao started to perform with her instrument!

At some point in their lives, Filipino commuters have encountered some Badjaos entering jeepneys and performing some songs. Sometimes, they perform their own ethnic songs while some choose to perform contemporary hits to amuse passengers and tip them with some spare change.

via: facebook
via: facebook

These Badjaos are known for bringing their do-it-yourself instruments like a bracelet of bottle caps (in replace of tambourine) and a makeshift tambourine to create music. A viral video, however, shows the Badjaos are improving their musical instruments now.

via: facebook
via: facebook

In the video posted by netizen Junjun Bernat, it can be seen that a Badjao woman rode a jeepney to sing a song in hopes for some alms. The passengers were then surprised and amused as the woman started singing using a BlueTooth microphone like he is singing in a karaoke machine. At the last part of the video, she even prayed for the safety of the passengers inside the jeep.
Based on the caption Junjun posted, the Badjao with a BlueTooth microphone was doing rounds in the route of Santa Rosa and Balibago in Laguna.

via: facebook
via: facebook

Currently, the view has more than 549 thousand views, 7.4 thousand reactions, and 11 thousand shares on Facebook.

Netizens were also amused with Badjao woman’s twist in her musical instruments.
“Level up mga badjao samin. Sa inyo ba?” Sarah Jane Papa said.
“High tech na sila. Naka-mic na ngayon. Hahaha. Pawer!” Jayson Mendoza Perez said.
“New generation ang mga badjao hahahahaha,” Peter Roman said.

via: facebook

Meanwhile, netizen Ed Mark Valenciano Paner was not amused by the video. He said the woman could have used the money she had to buy the Bluetooth microphone for something else that she needed.

via: facebook
via: facebook

“Haha langya s palagay mo my mgbbgay pa s iniu mga ulol…Ilan araw niu ka kain yang pinangbili mo ng blututmike..Ang tindi…Kahit singko duleng hnd kita bbgyan ..G*go,” he said.
SanpedRo Derick and Venus Anne Bautista Styles kind of had the same sentiment as Ed Mark.
“Maya maya mag bu Bluetooth n yan sa iPhone nya.. kakanta,” Derick said while Styles said: Taraaaay buti pa sila nag lelevel up samantalang ‘yung mga nagtatrabaho, todo tipid.haha complete package ang ate mo, sumbrero,bluetooth mic,speaker, nike na sling bag. Power!!!
Khaye Bravo admitted that she got cringy while watching the video.

Watch video here:

Wow 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Nag level up ang mga #Badjao 📢🎤🎵🔈🔉🔊#SantaRosaBalibago

Posted by Junjun Bernat on Friday, September 7, 2018


“Bibili ako Mike tapos magagganito din aq sa mga jeep at bus hahahha….Kakahiya c ateng,” she said.

What do you think of the video? Did it amuse you or did it also annoy like some netizens? Tell us in the comments section below!


Source: Facebook

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