This Man Did Not Leave His Friend Behind No Matter What

Friends are always there to support us and to make us feel we are not alone. They are the ones who always have our back no matter what happens. We cannot live a happy life without a friend or two. We always need someone who will rescue us when we need them the most. And for the people who stay with us through the years, they are the best ones who will definitely see us through.

A video recently went viral after it showed how a man helped his friend who lost his consciousness in the middle of the road. I gained a lot of comments from the netizens who connected with the friendship that they showed in the video.

In the video, it can be noticed that the man finds it very difficult to lift his friend. He was doing hi best to carry the man home and it can be seen how he tried so many times to comfortably carry his unconscious friend. At first, the man was trying to keep his balance as he carries the unconscious man.

The loyal and helpful friend was left with no choice but to carry him upside down as they passed by the street just so they can go home both safely.

There are many netizens who praised the man for not leaving his friend behind. They said that he is a kind of friend you would love to have in every party because no matter what happens, he will carry you home to safety.

Meanwhile, there are social media users who suggested that the unconscious man should have thought of himself going home. If not for his friend, something unlikeable might have happen to him.

Watch what happened here:

REAL FRIENDS DON'T EXI…. True friend di nang iiwan 😂#WASTED#JHOOD

Posted by Warren Galang on Monday, September 3, 2018

Despite all these comments, the video seemed to have sent a message to everyone to remain true and loyal to your friends like the one in this viral video.

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