Construction workers fell down when an unfinished building collapsed

dangerous places a person could go to. The process of constructing a building or infrastructure is very delicate. Many tools and equipment used in constructing are scattered everywhere. If you are not careful, you might get yourself harm in some way.

via: facebook
via: facebook

But on this video uploaded by the Facebook page “Learn Technology,” it seems that the whole construction site is the one that failed. The video shows how the construction workers are all on the top of what looks like the second floor of an unfinished building. When suddenly something unexpected happened.


via: facebook
via: facebook

As they were all busy doing their jobs, the building suddenly collapsed. Almost everyone on top fell down and got covered by the bamboos that seem to be the only things supporting the unfinished floor. Some of the construction workers got to run away before they got to be part of those who fell down.

via: facebook
via: facebook

But for some who got unlucky and didn’t manage to do anything, they were certainly hurt by the impact of falling down to the ground. The construction workers who are already working on the ground came running to rescue the ones who fell down from the collapsing of the building.

Some netizens shared their opinion about the incident. One person said that the wooden scaffold wasn’t done right for its over 3 meters in height. Another one said that the foundation is loose to retain the bearing capacity of the slab. While others are saying that it is noticeable how the concrete is greater and wooden pieces are not enough to support it.

It is pretty clear that the failure started from the inner portion of the building. Also, the cause can be from the weakness of the soil. Nevertheless, the whole building was visibly poorly supported below.

Watch video here:

Describe this type of failure

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Posted by Learn Technology on Monday, August 27, 2018

The calculations for the outcome design of the support is where they first committed a mistake. We just hope that everyone involved in the incident is all doing fine now.


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