Birthday party gone wrong when balloons touched the candle sparklers

A birthday party is expected to be celebrated with joy and laughter. It is one of the special occasions that happen in a person’s life where they get to celebrate the date of their birth. Birthdays are also the day when the family, close friends, and other loved ones of the celebrant get to execute a surprise

Though not all surprises are planned well and there are times when failure is the only outcome. Just like what happened on this video uploaded by the Facebook page “Walwal.” Four people are seen on the video celebrating the birthday of one of their friends. There were three girls and one boy who was holding the cake and balloons.

The girls seemed to pull out a prank on the boy who looks like the one who is celebrating the birthday. They put out some fresh eggs and cracked it on top of the boy’s head. When the boy moved the balloons he was holding touched the surface of the cake which has lighted birthday candle sparklers on top of it.

It made all the balloons exploded and started a small fire that quickly ended. All of them ran to look in the mirror and see if they got injured. But the video still progresses as they were doing it. Most netizens who get to watch the video find it hilarious because it was dubbed with an irrelevant background music.

However, it can’t be denied that what happened to the people involved in the video are very dangerous. Not everyone knows that helium balloons have gas in them. When they get near something flammable, they will explode and might start an accident. Luckily, the people on the video didn’t get to have serious injuries and remained safe after the video.

watch video here:

Yung intro ng Magbalik by Callalily 🤙🏽😩🙌🏽💯(c)@keiakamatsu

Posted by Walwal on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Hopefully, the people on the video now learned their lesson. It also serves as a warning to those other individuals who will celebrate their birthdays at a party like this one. May everyone get to have a safe and fun birthday!

Source: Facebook

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