Watch as this Pinoy Superhero asks for directions while flying!

Filipinos are very funny and witty in nature. We tend to always make things as fun as possible. Despite the heaviness of a situation, some Filipinos can just laugh away all the stress. It can be a double-edged sword. In a recent Facebook viral, a Pinoy Superhero was found.

The Pinoy Superhero was lost as he was “flying” to Manila and had to ask for directions. The man “flew” at the side of a car to ask whether or not he was going the right way.

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The highly entertaining viral video was posted by Guiala Quiogue Nadroj. Apparently, the Pinoy Superhero who was “flying” was a friend of the driver named Alden Saturno Socias. The group of friends were playing around when they took the video. On Facebook, it captioned:

“Yung tropa mo na sobrang maloko ayan na (Alden) vid mo nung pauwi na tayo ahahaha!”

Ultimately, their video reached 1.6 million views, 37 thousand shares, 12 thousand likes, and 4.1 thousand comments.

What Alden did to successfully pull off the flying man was putting the top half of his body out of the window stretching it to make it seem like he was flying at the side of the car. Watching the video will make you think that he was actually flying with the help of the perfect camera angle of course.

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On Alden’s Facebook account he thanked everyone who watched and shared their funny video:

“Kami po ay nag nagagalak at nag papasalamat sa mga naka panuod, nag share, at like nitong trip namin. Natutuwa po kami dahil pang good vibes lang po ito at di akalaing lalaganap.

maraming salamat.

ps: hihingi na po ako ng piso sa lahat ng naka panuod xD jk!”

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Watch The Full Video:

Yung tropa mo na sobrang maloko ayan na Alden Saturno Socias vid mo nung pauwi na tayo ahahaha!

Posted by Guiala Quiogue Nadroj on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Source: Facebook

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