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Watch: Bea Binene, Nakitang May Kasamang Multo Sa Litrato?

In one of her photos captured in a town in Mexico, Pampanga, unusual figures seemed to appear in the background. Based on the photo, the figures looked like three humans in white clothing. They were standing in the grassy parts at the side of the road. According to some residents, paranormal happenings were really a common thing in the area. Some of those who possessed the “sixth sense” have claimed that more than once, they have seen these spirits lurking around the said place.

Bea’s incident happened during one of her tapings for her ongoing show. Someone pointed out very convincing evidence regarding the photo.

During the shoot, the production crew restricted people from passing by the said road when the camera was rolling.

This was done in order to avoid unwanted subjects in the background. Despite this, the photos still showed these three human-like figures after all the restrictions were done. All those who watched the taping were together in one particular area.

If you do not know, Pampanga was one of the most active rebel provinces during the Spanish era. Aside from this, it also stood as a military base camp during the Japanese era.

It was certainly an area that had a lot of lives lost because of its social environment. To add to that, this specific road, in general, was said to be accident prone. Therefore, it would not be a surprise if some spirits made their presence felt from time to time.

In the end, Bea was just advised to do the traditional “Tabi tabi po” (a Filipino way of asking the paranormal beings permission to pass by) whenever scenes were shot in that particular area. She simply could not deny that it was one of the most hair raising moments in her life.

Netizens had split reactions regarding what they saw. Some were convinced while some just brushed it off. What about you? What do you think about the images presented?

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Bea Binene, may nakasamang multo sa litrato?

Nagkalat ngayon sa social media ang litrato nina Bea Binene at Benjamin Alves kung saan tila may nahagip daw na multo? Ano ang katotohanan sa likod ng kababalaghan na ito? #AHA!

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