WATCH: Unique massage goes viral on social media!

Life can be extremely tiring and stressful in this day and age especially with how busy everyone is. People find ways to manage their lives and hustle through the daily grind in order to achieve the life that they want or to simply sustain their current one.

But it is not healthy to live a life of all work and no play. It is still important for everyone’s overall health to find some time to relax or simply get a good laugh in their days.

People can relax in different ways; from watching their favorite shows, to treating themselves to a comforting meal, to spending time with the people they love, or even through self – care methods which is incredibly famous right now.

From spending a few moments of your day getting in a good night’s shower, to meditating, to putting on a nice refreshing face mask, to getting a simple manicure – and – pedicure, self – care is something a lot of people have been advocating. Another way to take care of yourself and relax from the hustle of the day is by getting a massage.

There are many types of massages available to the public for varying prices. From at home massages, to Thai massages, to even ones that is done by trained blind people, almost anyone can get a massage anytime, anywhere to loosen some knots and sore muscles.

One lady whose video has gone viral on social media wanted to do just that.

The lady, who seems to work near a marketplace, wanted to relax after a long day’s work. A young man was offering his massage services right there on the side of the street, so she did not hesitate to try it.

The video started with the man “massaging” her hand in a funny way – as if he was only playing with her limbs. He then proceeded to massage her arms, legs, and feet, before he went to her back and face. The way he was massaging the lady all seemed funny already but when he got to her face, the people watching cannot help but laugh at his antics. He started “massaging” her face in an unconventional way but pulling on her nose and then eventually shaking her head while hanging on to her hair.

The lady looked visibly annoyed but was also laughing it off along with her audience.

The video immediately went viral on social media and many netizens found the mssage method of the young man to be entertaining as well.

“Kakaloka ito c Kumadreng May ay. Kaninang lunchbreak ko laang napanood. Yanong tawa ko. Inatawanan ako ng mga officemate ko ay,” one netizen said.

“hahaha dami q tawa Mhay.. langyang masahista mo inuna ang paa bago muka at likod mo yak hahaha ung amoy ng paa mo nsa katawan mo,” another netizen said.

What are your thoughts about this young man’s unique massage method? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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