This drunk man almost ends his life when he tries to sleep under water

Sometimes, we do crazy things when we are drunk. Because of that, we are more likely to clown ourselves—and sometimes even hurt ourselves. Of course, we often forget the crazy things we do when we are under the influence of liquor.

Recently, a man in China seemed to completely lose himself. He tried to pull off the impossible thing when he almost tried to sleep underwater. Although it’s hard to believe it at first, he literally did it without compromising his life.

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As seen in the actual footage, the drunk man can be seen floating in the river. He looked as if he was sleeping comfortably under the water. As we all know, no sane person would think of doing such a buffoonery like that. But in the case of that man in the viral video, it appeared that he was under the influence of liquor.

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So, as one would expect, the first thing that will automatically pop in our heard when we see a situation like that is to help the man from his condition. Obviously, the drunk man seemed like he wasn’t moving anymore. Therefore, assuming that he was completely unconscious.

Then, a few moments later, the authorities immediately responded and lifted up the drunk man.

Upon rescuing him, it appeared that the crazy man looked okay—and that he knows what he was doing during that time.

At the end of the footage, the authorities interviewed him about why he did it. Although the man was speaking in a foreign language, we could assume that he didn’t exactly know what he was doing. He was even smiling at the end of the viral video.

Do you have any experience like this? What have crazy things you have done while you’re drunk?

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Watch The Full Video:

'Drunk' man sleeps on a river? @@ Maybe he wants to 'test speed of police response' 🙂

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