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WATCH: Heartwarming reunion of a 53 year old man with his 88 year old father goes viral!

Over 130 million babies are born each year and thousands of those babies are born with Down Syndrome or Trisomy 21. This occurs when the cells of the baby does not divide properly and the child ends up with one extra chromosome making it 47 in each cell instead of 46.

Nowadays, it has been found that older women who are pregnant are most likely to give birth to a child with down syndrome; but with today’s available technology, it can also be detected early on whether their child will have down syndrome or not.

People with down syndrome worldwide share some similar characteristics and behavior patterns such as “distinct physical features, unique health issues, and variability in cognitive development.” Some of the people who have this may be incredibly affectionate as well.

One video of a man with down syndrome recently went viral. In the video, it can be seen that the 53 – year – old man was calmly going down the escalator, but when he saw his 88 – year – old father waiting for him to the side, he immediately got excited and basically ran to his dad to hug and kiss him.

“Heart melting moment a father, 88, is reunited with his down syndrome son, 53, after a spending a week apart for the first time ever.” the Facebook user posted along with the 58 – second long video.

The heartwarming moment between the father and son immediately went viral and earned millions of views and thousands of shares, reactions, and comments.

“I am deeply touched though not surprised, my 22 year old son is downs and funny enough his general demeanour is pretty similar to this beautiful person, this is the 10th time I replay this video and I kid you not …… I just can’t control my tears,” one netizen shared.

“This is beautiful and what an amazing bond. But people please stop generalisation of people with T21. You do them a dis service and take away their humanity. They are not gifts or angels or ‘don’t know hatred’ whatever.. people with DS are children first and foremost with all the range of emotions of any person.” another netizen shared.

“fter working many years with people with Downs I must say that love they give is 100 percent pure love! And….without hopefully not to be misunderstood…” another user shared.

What do you think of the father and son moment captured in this video? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Watch The Full Video Here:

Heart melting moment a father, 88, is reunited with his down syndrome son, 53, after a spending a week apart for the first time ever. 😍

Posted by Bobby Schuller on Sunday, August 26, 2018

Source: Facebook

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