#ReversedRoles: Motorist asks traffic enforcers to stop at the side of the road

In a country where there are a lot of cases when traffic enforcers often misuse their power and use their position for their own personal profit, some motorists and civilians often feel that they can be too much sometimes.

That is why, when this guy saw traffic enforcers riding a motorcycle with damaged lights and no plate number, he immediately went into action. Because if citizens should follow the law for safety, why would these traffic enforcers be an exemption?

This guy just wasn’t having it so he initiated a conversation alongside the traffic enforcers riding on the damaged motorbike. He even recorded everything on camera so he can have conclusive proof that the enforcers were not following road regulations.

Many people on social media found his video so funny because what were the chances the roles of a civilian and an officer of the road could be reversed? Clearly, the officers got a taste of their own medicine.

When asked why their light was blinking, all the enforcers could reply was “Malabo na ang mata.” To which the motorist replied that they should replace it, especially because they are traffic enforcers.

“Kayong mga enforcer, ganyan ugali niyo. Kayo mismo yung sumusuway sa batas,” said the unnamed motorist.

After a while, the motorist asked the enforcers to stop at the side of the road so that they can talk about the situation, he also said “Pinag iinitan niyo ang mga naka motor eh, kayo naman pag iinitan namin.”

The enforcers also asked for the motorist’s license wherein he replied with, “May lisensya ako, oh bakit? Maghahanapan pa tayo ng butas dito?”

When they stopped at the side, the motorist tried to get their plate number and details so that he could report it to the respective office, but he found out that the motorbike the enforcers were using had no plate number.

So the motorist only ended up with the enforcers’ names and where there work assignments were, he also left an ending message for the officers, “Magkikita tayo sa opisina niyo ha. Bawi-bawian lang ‘yan, tandaan niyo.”

While many netizens found it funny, some also praised the guy for speaking his mind to the traffic enforcers, “f the law is being violated. Everyone has a right to speak up… it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are. As long as you see something is wrong you have a right.”

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Watch The Full Video Here:

Rider, nanghuli ng Enforcer


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