A girl in range hammered a motorcycle

Toys for boys- those are what men believe their cars and motors are. A lot of men have been really fond of dreaming to have their own dream car or motorcycle. Most of them want to pursue that dream and turn it into reality through working hard. To them, it is something that they value. They take good care of them as if it is their baby. On the other hand, there are also men who take care of their cars and motors for it is their way of life. It helps them for what they do for a living and to provide for their family.

Posts on social media about jealous girl friends have spread online. There are memes that shows a girl being jealous of her boyfriend’s car because he takes care of it more and gives more time and more attention to it. It has spread good vibes to the netizens.

Just this Saturday (September 1), a Facebook page posted a video that easily caught the attention of the netizens online. The video was a CCTV footage and it was about a girl doing something that made some people furious, some people laugh and served a warning to some.

In the video, a girl in a light blue dress just went out of a gate. She was holding a hammer and looked like she was in range.

She immediately went straight to the motorcycle parked in front of the gate. Without even observing her surroundings, she smashed the motor cycle with the hammer.

She repeatedly hammered the motorcycle causing it to have scratches and dents. She pauses and changes her position every time there is someone passing by. She then detached something from the motorcycle and cracked it until it broke into pieces. The girl made sure that all parts of the motorcycle were scratched.

She then went back inside the gate. After a while she got back to the motorcycle trying to pull the break out of the motorcycle. She finally gave up on detaching it and walked away as if nothing happened.

The video posted has a caption of “Babala: Wag kasi puro ride ang atupagin at motor lang ang nilalambing”. It got 940 thousand views as of writing. The netizens expressed their thoughts on the comment section of the post.

There was one who joked that the girl probably caught her man cheating and it was her way of revenge and getting the anger off. There was one who lectured and said that everyone should start giving more value to everything. The motorcycle was probably one man’s hard work and should not be treated that way.

Whatever the incident that caused this violent action, everyone hopes that it was solved or will be solved in the best possible way.

Watch The Full Video Here:

BABALA:Wag kasi puro RIDE ang ATUPAGIN, at MOTOR lang ang NILALAMBING 😄😟

Posted by Yamaha SZ-R Iron Man Philippines on Saturday, September 1, 2018

Source: Facebook

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