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Kathryn revealed her five firsts with Daniel

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla has been a love team for years now. Fans continues to support the them as they can see the good chemistry between the two.

It has long been speculated by the fans that Kath and Daniel are already in a relationship but the love team just keep mum about it. Although they previously don’t talk about their relationship status to the public, they never fail to show people that they truly care for each other.

Recently, the two finally revealed that they have long been in a relationship. In the press conference for their ongoing movie The Hows Of Us, the two admitted their relationship status. This makes the fans go wild because of kilig.

After this revelation, the two were frequently asked about the details of their five-year relationship. Kathryn was also asked about these details in her interview with Boy Abunda in his show Tonight with Boy Abunda.

In one of the segment of the show called 5 in 45, Kathryn was asked to say her five firsts with Daniel within 45 seconds. She first mentioned their first monthsary together where they fought however, Kath said that Daniel make up for it with a surprise with a room full of roses.

Their first Valentines day was celebrated with their friend in which they ate sinigang na corned beef, she revealed. Then their first travel together was in Chiang Mai, in which she already previously mentioned.

Her first monthsary gift to Daniel was letters put in empty cigarette sticks. The studio audience can’t hide their happiness with Kath’s effort in her gift. It was personalized and full of love.

Then the last first that she mentioned was one where every fan is curious about. Kath and Daniel’s first kiss. However, the time’s already up but Tito Boy insisted that she still answer the question. She even joked about giving Kath five hundred pesos just to answer the question.

Kathryn revealed that their first kiss happened in Kamuning when they were with Kath’s mother. She told Tito Boy that her mother turned her back at them for a second to get something in her bag, and that’s where he and Daniel kissed quickly.

She then added that she was shocked that her first kiss is not what she imagined it to be since it happened like a spur in the moment thing. However, she insisted that is her first kiss and she looks happy with it.

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