Another Driver and Traffic Enforcer Feud

Numbers of videos on social media and news arising from drivers and traffic enforcers’ clashes have gone way up these past few months. A lot of people have been taking videos every time they encounter an LTO Officer. It became the drivers’ way of handling an evidence in case an enforcer has a plan of taking advantage of the situation. Usually, the driver takes a video, posts it online and has it go viral to share awareness and their experience to the people online.

On the other hand, little people know that most of the videos that had gone viral were a form of wiretapping. It is where one party records an audio of a video without the other party knowing about being recorded. Part of it is against the law.

As much as the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority still encourages the people to record the wrongdoings of the MMDA and LTO officers, what is best to do is to inform the enforcer about taking a video or an audio record. In this way, both rights of both parties were not violated while doing what they have to do.

Recently, another video about this matter had gone viral on social media. The video was uploaded by a Facebook page on Friday (August 31). In it, the driver was arguing with an LTO Officer regarding his license. It was said that he has violated a traffic rule and as a standard operating procedure, the officer must require the driver’s license.

The driver did hand a license to the officer. Apparently, his license card was expired that is why he also handed out a “paper” that seemed to be a receipt of his renewed license. The LTO was not able to produce a card when he processed the renewal of the expired card- this is the excuse of the driver. He also said that the officer did verify the “paper” that is why he is at range when the officer gave him a ticket for driving with expired license. The driver seemed to get fiery that he even threw curse words to the officer.

The video uploaded has 568 thousand views as of writing. People on the comment section expressed their reactions to the video. There are some who thinks the officer has lack of knowledge with their rules. There are some who thinks the officer is trying to do something wrong. And there are some who thinks that the driver is in too much range that he disrespected the officer who was only doing his job.

As citizens of the country, it is the people’s duty to follow the laws and rules. Yet we should not forget that in spite of anything, respect should be at paramount.

Do you think that the bad image of the officials in the past have affected how people think about today causing they to disrespect the officials even more?

Watch The Full Video Here:

Hahaha puta!Kapalpakan ng kurakot na LTO damay-damay na hahahaha!

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