Watch: Isang Lalaki Viral Matapos Makipag-Agawan Ng Baril Sa Isang Gwardya NG MRT

The function of a security guard is to maintain peace and order and to keep everyone safe. Given this kind of task, these people are more likely to be in great danger. Their life is always at stake every time they are on their respective duties. Just take this recent brawl between a security guard and a drunk man.

In a video courtesy of a netizen named Allan James Macasulong, the controversial footage brought an outrage to a thousand of netizens on Facebook.

As seen in the short clip, the security guard struggled in climbing up the stairs. A few seconds later, a man wearing a black shirt suddenly rushed towards him, causing both of them to fall down the stairs. The brawl continued in the middle of the busy staircase.

The drunk man mercilessly hit the security guard, who chose not to fight back against him. As things unfold, the seemingly intoxicated man tried to get the gun from the resisting security guard

Luckily, some concerned bystanders immediately tried to stop the drunk man before he even got a chance to get the gun from the bleeding security guard. However, despite the immediate action of some men, the intoxicated man kept on hurting the helpless guard.

In the end, another security guard came to the scene and handcuffed the violent person who started the brawl. After his apprehension, the drunk man explained that he was also the victim. However, the responding security guard still detained him for creating such disturbances in a public place.

Watch video here:

Posted by Ross Ceralvo on Saturday, September 1, 2018

Although there was no definite explanation as to what really caused the brawl between the security guard and the intoxicated man, many people believed that the security guard just stopped the drunk man from riding the MRT train.

Source: Facebook

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