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How did LJ Reyes revealed her pregnancy to son Aki?

Recently, LJ Reyes and her boyfriend, Paolo Contis announced on Instagram that they are now expecting their first baby. Following this, the Kapuso actress came up with a fun and creative idea of revealing to her son, Aki Reyes that she is pregnant.

In her latest Youtube vlog, LJ showed to her fans and followers how she broke the good news to her 7-year-old son. As seen in the video, the actress asked Aki a series of questions which are only answerable by yes or no.

The questions which are written on white bond papers are:

“Are you about to turn 8?”

“Are you ready to be responsible?”

“Do you want a playmate?”

“Do you want to have a new best friend?”


Obviously, Aki answered “yes” on the first three questions. However, he expressed his refusal on the last one, because as for him, he currently considers his cousins as his best friends.

At one point, LJ asked her son what would he do if he will have a baby brother or sister. She then followed by candidly saying:

“Today you didn’t say hi to your brother or sister.”


From that moment, Aki already appeared confused and suspicious about what his mother is trying to say. So, without delay, LJ finally told him that she is pregnant and showed to him the baby’s sonogram. At first, Aki was in disbelief but eventually, he then believed his mom’s revelation and gave her a tight hug.


Meanwhile, in one of her recent Instagram posts, LJ chronicled her experience and journey as a mother to Aki. According to her, motherhood has taught her “patience, perseverance, faith, endurance, responsibility, strength, life, and so much more! But most of all, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!”

“I am not perfect and never will be. I am a work in progress in all aspects of my life. But I will continue fighting to be stronger. I will continue to learn, to be better. I will continue to pour out my whole heart,” she added.

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