Netizens are laughing their guts out over this sleepy kid. Find out what he did in this video!

It is usual for kids to get sleepy while going to class. With the 7 AM schedule, who can’t blame pupils and students to yawn and fall asleep during classes.

Sleeping students and pupils are also the source of fun and entertainment to other people. They usually take photos or put things on them to see if they can be awakened.

This video, however, shows another level of sleepiness in a funny way. It is so funny that it got more than one million views in Facebook in just five hours. it also got 23,000 reactions, 8,000 comments, and 47,000 shares.

The video, which is a footage from CCTV, shows a kid who was sleeping inside the classroom. It looks like the class is over as his classmates and their parents are leaving the classroom.

Even if everyone is getting noisy as they are excited to go home, the kid was unbothered with his dreams. A woman, assuming to be his guardian who will fetch him, started fixing his things. She placed the kid’s school materials and put it in his backpack, which was just on the seat of the sleeping kid.

After a while, the kid slowly wakes up. He then realizes that the class is over and he has to go home.

The kid, however, was so sleepy and light-headed rushed, wore his “backpack”, and went straight outside the classroom. What he did not realize is his backpack isn’t that comfortable. In fact, it doesn’t feel like a backpack at all.

He, later on, realized that he was actually carrying the chair near him as his backpack. Another concerned guardian/parent got the chair back to the classroom, signaling the kid that he got the wrong “backpack”.

Waves of laughter were heard by people who are watching the CCTV footage and that laughter extended to the social media sphere.

A lot of netizens are tagging their friends. Some are showing how funny the video is while some are tagging their friends who are also sleepy like the kid in the video.

Some are also posting some funny comments about the kid.

“Update lang po sana? Naiuwi nya po ba yung upuan?: netizen Ajie del Valle said.

Some said that it is natural for the little ones to feel sleepy at all times.

“Bata kc madaling antokin,” Estelita Sekigami said.

What do you think of this video? Do you think it’s funny? Tell us in the comments section below!

Watch The Full Video Here:

ANg dami mo napatawa na bata ka😂😂😂Pumasok ng skul para lang matulog😂😂,At ginawa mo pang bag yung upuan😂😂😂😂😂

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