“Bawal ang bakla” Kaladkaren Davila and company were denied entry at a bar in Makati

“Bawal ang bakla.” H&J Sports Bar and Restaurant in Poblacion, Makati recently denied entry for all gays. TV impersonator, Kadladkaren Davila recently shared that she and her friends weren’t allowed to enter a bar because of their gender preference. The post made rounds on the internet and caused pressing concerns from many netizens.

The incident was a clear example of gender discrimination. H&J gave their statement to what had happened that night of the incident which only made things worse for them.

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Jervi Li, more commonly known as Kaladkaren Davila was able to take a short video of the bouncer from the incident who denied them their entry. The video contained statements that directly said that gays are not allowed to enter temporarily inside their bar. At the end of the video, Kaladkaren even joked at one of her friends that she wasn’t allowed to enter because she’s gay and was wearing a sleeveless top. The bouncer even called one of her friends “brother” and Kaladkaren said:

“Hindi siya brother, sister siya.”

Kaladkaren Davila posted the video on both her Twitter and Instagram account to inform the public of the discrimination that they experienced. On her post she captioned:

“BAWAL ANG BAKLA: Last night, my friends and I were denied entry to H&J Sports Bar and Restaurant in Poblacion, Makati dahil bawal raw po pumasok ang mga “BAKLA”. HINDI dahil sa DRESS CODE or whatever, pero dahil BAKLA po kami. Totoo ba, dear??? 2018 na! #MayPinalayas”

Some disturbed netizens messaged the official page of H&J to find the reason behind the incident. It didn’t take a while before H&J finally responded to the messages but their statement only gave more fuel to the fire.

According to Henry Strzalkowski, H&J’s manager and supervisor for marketing and promotions, the incident was a misunderstanding. Apparently, that night, one of their customers lost their wallet and was sitting at a table surrounded by gays. Their solution to that problem was to ask all their gay customers to leave that night and to not allow any other gays to enter the bar.

“That was a misunderstanding actually. I think it was a misrepresentation. I think what they were going after was a small number of ladyboys who were stealing money. That was only temporary. That was just one night. Otherwise, we are an LGBT-friendly bar completely.”

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Geraldine Roman, Bataan 1st District Representative, filed a resolution to conduct an investigation into possible discriminatory chargers against H&J.

“I just filed a resolution directing the House Committee on Women and Gender Equality to conduct an inquiry into the possible discriminatory acts perpetrated by a Makati bar against Kaladkaren Davila and her friends. There is no place for hate, inequality and discrimination in a just and civil Philippine society.”

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Watch The Full Video Here:

Source: Instagram

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