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WATCH: Sisters meet again after 30 years!

Raffy Tulfo is known for his fearless take on many issues in the Philippines – but he is also known for his generosity and compassion when it comes to some.

He has helped take on and solve many issues in his radio show and he did it again when he reunited two long lost sisters who have not seen each other in over 30 years.

In another episode awhile back, Tulfo met Julieta Recto, a mother of four who needed financial help after not receiving anything from the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, also known as 4Ps. In that episode, Tulfo helped out Recto by giving her a starting capital for a sari – sari store and even gave bonus gifts such as a bicycle for her academically gifted child.

But the blessings do not stop there for Recto.

In a recent episode, Tulfo brought her back again for another surprise, claiming that this one is for life.

When he asked her if she was ready to see the surprise, he brought in Sister Hilda, a nun and also Recto’s long lost sister.

The two had a tear – filled reunion but they were both undeniably happy throughout the episode.

By the end of the show, Tulfo offered for Recto to go on a short break with her sister back to the province where they live a sustainable life. Tulfo even offered to pay for her roundtrip ticket, however Recto refused because she said cannot leave her four children in the middle of the school year.

When Tulfo asked if she can leave them with their father, Recto confessed that she is not confident in the father’s capabilities at the moment.

Tulfo then offered her a phone to possible video call with her family in the province while waiting for a better time to go on vacation, but Recto also could not accept it because she said they did not have electricity. However, before they finished resolving the issue, time ran out for the radio show and they proceeded to discuss things off camera.

Instead of feeling sympathetic to her situation, many netizens got irked by Recto’s refusal to go with her sister back to the province. Some even said that she had too many excuses when the possible solution to a better life is back home and is literally being handed to her on a silver platter by Tulfo.

“uwi nalang kayo sa provincia niyo yan lang ang solosyon para di kayo mahirspan nf mga koryinte ng mga daanan pauwi bahay etc.kc nasa maynila nga pero hirao ja hirsp naman pati koryinte nawawater lili pa daanan so mas ok sa provencia na lang.” one netizen said.

“D nmn ako naiyak..nainis lng ako tinutulungan na ang dami pa rason..isa lng nmn solusyon nya iwanan na asawa nya..ang dami sinasbi problema..pag tinutulungan nmn ang dami alibi na sinsbi…hay!” another netizen said.

Some netizens also shared their thoughts about her possible attachment to her husband and some even suggested possible solutions for her problem.

“Kumakapit cya sa asawa nya dahil sa akala nya wala nang matatakbuhan pero ngayon INING! Marami pla kayong mapuntahan shoulders to lean on..its time to teach him (husband) lesson.kayo at mg anak mo go!go!go! Kahit isa o dalawang kilometro na labas sa bahay mo mag kwentohan joke around and tawanan…cgurado magaan ang iyong pakiramdam.” one user said.

“Why dont you coordenate with DEPED to facilitate the transfer of the children to the province which is her hometown. I dont think there would be a problem withthat since her children are all doing good in school.” another user said.

What do you think of Julieta Recto’s situation? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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