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Watch how this barkada serenades their friend one last time

Friendships are the most beautiful bonds formed in this world. Finding people who you connect with, bond with, and later on learn to love and care for platonically is surely the greatest feeling in the world. A lot of friendships last a lifetime and are truly irreplaceable. At times, these types of friendships are even stronger than romantic relationships. That is why it really hurts you to the core whenever you lose a friend of this caliber.

In a post by Byron Sy, we get to witness one of the most touching, yet equally miserable moments between a group of friends. Unfortunately, Mitzi Gardoce, a member of their group recently joined our Creator. Because of this, their “barkada” decided to visit her before she was put to her final resting place.

In front of her, the whole group stood up and decided to sing a couple of songs for her. Byron captioned the post “Last jam with you Mitzi Gardoce We Love you!” By the looks of it, this must be something that the group usually did whenever they were together. Sadly, this was also the last time that they were going to do it as a complete unit.

With two people playing guitars, they all serenaded her with sentimental OPM classics such as “Magbalik” by Callalily, “Your Song (One and Only) by Parokya ni Edgar and “Huling Sayaw” by Kamikazee.

At one point, to lighten the mood, one of them even managed to crack a joke about Mitzi singing ahead of everyone else before the performance. A mixture of laughter and sobs were heard in the background as the jam continued.

It is truly devastating to lose special people in your life and the “getting used to it” part will surely be challenging for the group. But, as long as they stick together, they will without a doubt be fine. After all that has happened, they certainly gained an angel to watch over them from now on. May Mitzi Gardoce live her new life with the Big Man above in peace and solitude. May her group of friends continue to love and care for each other, just like how they’ve shown in this video.

Watch The Full Video Here:

Posted by Byron Sy on Sunday, August 26, 2018

Source: Facebook

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