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Street children open the eyes of a netizen in a local McDonald’s branch.

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For countless times, we surely learned a lot of lessons from our elders or those who are older than us. Through the years, they have have gathered a great amount of wisdom and experience which they pass on to those who came after them in this journey of life. Though this is the case most of the time, there are also some instances wherein we learn from those who are younger than us, such as children. This was what we witnessed in another viral post spreading fast in the world of social media.

In the said post, we get to watch a video of a netizen talking to two street children who were eating ice cream inside a local McDonald’s branch. The first things that we get to know about them is that they sell kropek, come from Quiapo and but are living with their grandmother somewhere near the fast food restaurant.

One might think that this was odd sight for street children to be in because they are usually disallowed to enter these facilities. Fortunately, the branch’s guard just let them in. He even talked to them about their lives. The netizen told them:

“Mabait yan! Diba yung ibang guard papaalisin kayo?”

Later on, the netizen started making jokes about his friends. He said that one of them was a “bad person.” After, he asked him is his other friend was “good.” To his surprise, one of the children answered him with a very deep statement. As he continued cracking jokes, the child told him:

“Walang pinaglihi nang masama.”

This certainly caught him off guard. To add up to everything that had just happened, one of them even freely offered him the kropek that they were selling. At first he tried to deny the offer, but he couldn’t resist as the child insisted him to have it. He was in shock that those who had less had the luxury to give even more. In the end, he tried paying them but they still ended up refusing.

Seeing these types of people, especially at a very young age gives me a lot of hope for the future of this already messed up planet. Hopefully, those who get to watch this video pick up a thing or two about them. It always great to get lessons from those who are older than us but it is also amazing feeling to learn from those who will form the future. Here’s to seeing and living in a much better world!

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