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Video of a family mourning for their mother on her birthday went viral

A birthday is one of the most special occasions in a person’s life. It is where we celebrate the day we got born and have a chance to live. We celebrate our birthdays every year as we got age. Another year that is given to us is another opportunity to see the world and experience life.

Birthdays are best celebrated with our loved ones. It can be with our family, friends, and significant other. It’s the day where people important to you are also happy to know that they will be spending more time with you. But what happens when all these people found out that you will be no longer celebrate your own birthday with them?


Recently, a Facebook page “Sana Lahat” posted a video that went viral. It features a family crying in pain while their mother was laying down a hospital bed. The one taking the video can be seen holding a birthday cake with candles lit up.

As the video progressed, it got cleared out that their mother is already gone on the day of her birthday. The nurses are still trying to revive the patient while the one holding the cake, sang a birthday song to her. His voice can be heard feeling a lot of sadness because of what happened.

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Netizens who have seen the video expressed their mixed emotions in the comment section. Of course, everyone was sad and felt sorry for what happened to the people who were on in the video. But most of them are also saying that they shouldn’t have filmed the whole thing.

Nowadays, people with smart phones almost document everything that happens in their life. And they share it on social media sites for everyone to see. The video might be taken out of consciousness, but uploading it for people to see how someone important to you goes away is what makes it strange.

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Watch The Full Video Here:

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Posted by Sana Lahat on Saturday, August 25, 2018

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