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Domestic Helper Shocked With How Her Kuwaiti Employers Treated Her

Dubbed as “The Pearl of the Orient Seas,” the Philippines is indeed blessed with wonders of nature. With more than 7,100 islands, you’ll surely never run out of beaches, forests, and other wonderful sites to see.

Apart from this, our abundance of islands has allowed us to be gifted with a ton of natural resources that we can benefit from. This is one of the main reasons why many colonizers have tried to put our country under siege. And while we have successfully gained our freedom, most of our fellow citizens are still subject to foreign dominion as they work in outside territories.

Filipinos are hard workers, and this is probably one of the reasons why we are also the number one exporter of human capital. By that, we mean that we are not only rich in natural resources, there is also a wealth of manpower in this country. And with the little money that these hard workers earn in their own country, it’s inevitable for them to try to seek their fortune elsewhere.

Unsung heroes as we call them, our fellow Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) have endured so many things just so they could provide a comfortable living for their families here in the Philippines. We hear news of maltreatment and physical harm being committed to our fellow kababayans, and it alarms us.

But every once in a while, we hear of stories of humanity that make us believe that not all employers abroad are as spiteful as we see on the news.

Some of them are kind-hearted employers who are willing to take our fellows as part of their family despite the difference in nationality and background. This was the very case in a video posted by an OFW named Jorlene Jhore.

Jorlene has been working in Kuwait as a nanny for some years now. And as somebody who can’t go home to her country to celebrate her birthday, her employers had a surprise for her.

In the video, you can see Jorlene’s employer approaching her room with cake in one hand, and a gift on the other. You can also see in the video that the employer’s kids are part of the whole surprise, and that they are excited for their nanny.

All of them were singing her the birthday song, and Jorlene was just speechless. Once they finished the song, she blew the birthday candle and each of the kids gave her a present. She couldn’t say anything but thank you as tears flowed down her face.

It’s nice to know that not all our fellow Pinoys are treated badly abroad. Seeing this video, it gives us hope that while our OFWs are far from home, they actually have people who are nice enough to make them feel at home.

Watch The Full Video Here:

THE BIG SURPRISE FOR MY BIRTHDAY….. wag matatakot mangarap my mga tao parin na mababait dito sa KUWAIT na kagaya nila kaya tuloy lng mangarap upang makamit ang mga ninanais natin sa buhay…. Watch this at makikita mo kung gaano kaswerte ang makakatagpo ng ganitong amo…

Posted by Might Jorlene Jhore on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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