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Filipinos are huge fans of singing. We just love to sing, and we sing from our hearts. Everytime, there is a karaoke expect a Filipino to be belting all the high notes and singing with emotions and feelings. It seems like an innate trait we all share from our subconscious. We love any opportunity to show off our vocal talent.

While many call us as a country of singers, we still have a good number of people who can’t sing. These people despite their inability to carry a tune has some of the best if not the best outlook in life. Their being tone deaf is just another challenge to hurdle. And best of all they are able to create a comedic act out of this situation.

Just like this video which became viral in Facebook. A video of a man singing his heart out to a Tagalog ballad using an umbrella as a microphone. Now, that is interesting.

At the start of the video, the background music of Akin Ka Nalang, a song sung by Asia’s Phoenix, Morissette Amon, plays on the background. Then a beautiful voice is heard, and if you’re not observant, you would actually think that the voice is from the man who was lipsyncing upfront. The man had full on emotions. His mouth were in tune with the lyrics of the song, and he can even imitate a vibrato producing throat.

Obviously, he was so effective in his act, that he was able to capture attention inside the mall where the karaoke session is held. A lot of people were watching him, and laughing loudly. It seemed like they were even more impressed with the lip sync actor than the girl whose actually singing the hard and high Tagalog song.

When the camera panned, there were a lot of people in the venue and it can even be seen that even people on the second floor was enjoying the act. It’s very hilarious yet it is a normal scene in the Philippines. Filipinos who can’t sing, imitate others and they are able to do so with justice and conviction.

A lot of netizens reacted in the video. There were some praising the man for a job well done. Others were asking for the details of the girl who was actually singing live, while others are requesting for the man to sing more songs and impress more people.

Watch The Full Video Here:

Kay galeng galeng tong batang to Mark Alicer Lara galeng mo! 🤣🤣😂😂😂

Posted by KenJie Tao on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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