Man goes viral for confronting his father physically and verbally

Within a family, disputes between members often lead to violence if not properly settled. This violence often occurs between the heads of the family as they make the majority of the decisions. However, it is not limited to spouses alone. Parent and children have misunderstandings too, leading to domestic issues in some households.

This past week, a viral video of a brawl between a father and son has resurfaced on social media. The video was posted by the Facebook page named Radio Dagundong and within only the first hour it was posted, it has reached a lot of views and a flood of negative comments from the netizens. The video has a caption of, “Mahalin niyo ang magulang niyo habang BUHAY pa sila, hindi tulad nito…”.

The video started off with the son standing outside a gate while his father stayed put inside. Three people, one man and two women, were also seen in that video trying to calm the son down.

Then the son began acting assertively while he was holding a stick as if he was ready to hit his father. He kept on shouting and pointing his finger at his father. He then went inside towards his father and subsequently pushed him hard. Fortunately, one bystander near the son was able to remove the stick from the hands of the man.

It was also seen on the video that the son did not stop shouting and charging aggressively towards his poor father. He also tried to pull his father away from the gate but the poor father kept on holding on the railings of the gate. The video reached its climax as the son was then able to get his father off the gate and forcefully pulled his father inside the house.

A lot of angry reactions and comments were received by the video. It broke many netizens’ hearts to see a parent get hit by their son or daughter. Most of the netizens shared how they treat their parents properly. Majority of comments say that regardless of what the father has done, he did not deserve to be hurt like that. Some also say that we should first know the complete story and see the bigger picture before judging the actions of the son as to whether it justifies what he did to his father.

Remember that violence should never be justified. People do not deserve to get hurt physically by a person just because he or she has been hurt as well. Never ever pass your hate to someone as it will become an endless chain of hatred. We all should love one another unconditionally and disputes should be resolved calmly and soundly.


Watch The Full Video Here:

Mahalin niyo ang magulang niyo habang BUHAY pa sila, hindi tulad nito sinasaktan at minumura……😰😰😰▪ Like our page to get latest news and updates.

Posted by Radio Dagundong on Friday, August 24, 2018

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