Selfish Driver Argued With Ambulance Driver Who Was Driving a Patient Into the Hospital!

We all have protocols we need to follow. Systems and rules that are needed to put things in order and for us to understand what our priority should be. There might be varying protocols in different situations but what’s important is that we keep in mind to always follow these rules for us to avoid getting in trouble.

For example, when we are on the road, it is important that we make sure that we follow traffic signs and traffic lights or else there would be unprecedented and unfortunate events. Of course, everyone wants to reach their destination in the least amount of time and if we don’t apply certain policies and order in things then it could result to an even greater consequence.

One of the most important protocol that the LTO imposes on drivers is to give way to hospital ambulances. When an ambulance is using its flasher and siren, then it means that it is carrying a patient in need of an urgent medical attention. Time matters, and time lost could mean the end of the line for the patient.

Living in a third world country, people rarely use ambulances, except for situation where it is really necessary. First of all, we have a shortage of available units of capable ambulances, second it is expensive. A single ride could cost more than 20,000 pesos. That’s just for using the ambulance, and a lot of people especially low-income earners, find this scheme too much.

In a clip shared in Facebook, people were appalled by this man who stopped into an ambulance because he refused to give way despite knowing that it’s the protocol. In the video, the adamant driver admitted that he saw the flasher and he knows what it means. The ambulance driver even opened the back of the car for the other driver to see that he really has a patient in the back.

The two were arguing until police came into the area and resolved the situation. Although the resolution was not shown in the video, many of the netizens who have seen the video hoped that justice will be given and legal actions would be taken.

A lot of netizens were affected and requested for LTO to revoke the license of the irresponsible and arrogant man. There were others who were insisting that human life is important and the man should have just given way instead of being selfish.

Watch The Full Video Here:

Posted by All about the Philippines on Friday, August 24, 2018


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