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Pregnant woman falls victim to witchcraft orchestrated by a jealous best friend

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No one should underestimate the power of people’s emotions. We all know how some people harbor ill feelings until these consumed them. Deep grudges against someone can make anyone do unimaginable things – such as witchcraft. There is a viral video making rounds online of a pregnant woman who discovered that her unexplainable suffering was caused by a resentful friend who allegedly performed witchcraft.

The strange incident led them to a local healer and everything that went down was documented. From the start, the woman seemed in trance and the healer performed several chants to summon the person inflicting the pain to end her misery.

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Moments later, the woman started making strange movements. The healer instructed the perpetrator to take over the victim’s body. He then asked questions to find out the person’s identity.

The possessor of the body is combative to the healer’s command. In fact, you can see him pressing the stomach of the woman to inflict pain on her. Apparently, the intensity of the pain is far greater and different for the being trapped inside the body.

After several attempts of the healer, she revealed herself as the best friend of the pregnant woman. Out of jealousy, she orchestrated the evil plan and explained how she made everything possible.

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The woman seemed exhausted and tired from all the rituals. Before the healer allowed her to escape from her entrapment, he demanded her to apologize first for all the deeds she has done.

Nothing is certain yet whether this extraordinary phenomenon is true or not. However, this serves as a lesson to always be wary of the people around you. You will never know if they harbored dark feelings that could hurt you in the end.

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