Pinoy Commoners ask for Talent Fee On-Cam during an Interview

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A foreign man who currently resides here in the Philippines and has a Youtube channel where he basically films his random experiences with Filipinos and/or in anything in general herein the Philippines meets three people along Adriatico Ave., Malate, Manila—one man and two ladies.

He stated in the description box of the video, “2 Manila Street Beauties ambush me while walking up Adriatico Ave, in Malate on the way to getting a shawarma..”

He then starts interviewing them about random things while taking a video of them. The only man among them is a pedicab driver. In the beginning of the video, he thought the man was gay so he asked him and the man responded quite aggressively and said, “NO! I’m not! I’m a straight man!” “Do I look like gay?” after getting a little response from the foreigner, he said, “You.. You’re hurting my feelings.” So the Youtuber sincerely apologized to the pedicab driver.

After the small talk with the man, he shows one lady who had a baby in stroller with her. He introduced her in the video he was filming, and then panning left to another woman who they implied to have been previously featured in a past video of the foreigner Youtuber. They talked about that previous video; what that was about and that she was, according to the Youtuber, getting lots of views and getting viral on Youtube, and the pedicab driver seemed to be surprised about it.

The three Pinoys seem to be very confident and decently fluent in conversing using the English language than many could imagine.

The lady with the baby started to ask for a monetary donation to be able to buy milk and water for her baby which she said she named, “Al-al.”

He continued the conversation with them, for instance, asking the lady how old her baby was and she replied, “going to ten months.”

The other lady kept on making bad signs in front of the camera and the youtuber reprimanded her for doing that, asking her what’s wrong.

After some more talk with the three, the pedicab driver then demanded and asked for their talent fee. He even gave a specific amount of one thousand pesos, saying that it is for the interview and for the taking the video of them for his channel. The other girl exclaimed, “absolutely right!” after the pedicab driver demanded the talent fee. Although he was surprised to hear that and thought it was a hard bargain for him, he still had quite a good laugh talking to them, and they seemed to enjoy the conversation with him as well.

When he was about to leave to get shawarma, the pedicab driver didn’t hesitate and offered to drive him there, the other woman indirectly asked for money again for her baby, and he gave her twenty pesos before he finally got to leave.

Watch The Full Video Here:

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