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Woman pops the question to her man

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Wedding proposals are one of the most precious moments a person could ever have in their life. It also happens just once in a lifetime, so it must be as special as possible. In this modern world we live in, men commonly are the ones expected to bend the knee during marriage proposals. However, there are already women who have the guts to propose marriage as well and broke this stereotype.

Just like in the viral online video of a couple wherein the woman engaged for the man. The two lovebirds climbed the stairs together while holding each other’s hands. However, here’s the gimmick, the man was blindfolded and the woman guided him towards their destination. He had no any idea what is about to happen.

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The woman removed the blindfold and kneeled in front of the man suddenly. Then, she opened her hands with a wedding ring and proposed to the love of her life.

The lucky man nodded his head in agreement while tears of joy poured down his face. The happy couple shared a warm hug and kisses afterward as they are now bound to enter a lifetime commitment.

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Meanwhile, there was also a music band behind the couple which added a lovely sound in the background.

Netizens dropped their jaws in surprise as it seemed like an uncommon act in today’s generation. Others even labelled it as hundred percent romantic in the comments section.

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The viral video was first posted by a certain Facebook page “Encuentralo En Chilpo” recently. Their wedding proposal has now earned a whopping 13, 558, 514 views as of the moment.
There also some close friends and loved ones of the couple who were in attendance and congratulated them.

Watch The Full Video Here:

❤💞💕Romanticismo al 1000% ❤💞💕

❤💞💕Romanticismo al 1000% ❤💞💕

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