WATCH: Netizens are laughing over this hilarious prank of a homeless guy

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We all love watching prank videos. This is why most of us are hooked to gag shows and now pranks we can watch online. One of the pranksters you can watch online is Tukomi, a group of local YouTube content creators who are mostly focused on uploading funny content. The “Homeless man/ Rich kid” prank they did is an all-time favorite of their fans. Of course, anyone would have a good laugh after watching a “homeless” man roam the streets and ended up being a “rich kid’ after all.

For the opening scenario, the homeless man clad in dirty clothes stepped out of a luxurious car. He is even accompanied by two bodyguards while entering a cafe. The people around immediately focused their eyes on such a rare sight. To intensify the fun, he even showed off the frappe he bought before coming back inside the car.

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Their hilarious antics did not end there. He also stopped in front of a residential area where he fished out an expensive phone from his plastic bag. The surprised bystanders are even more shocked to hear him speak in English while over the phone. Moments later, the same car fetched him and seems like everyone is left confused.

Together with his bodyguards, they parked in front of a restaurant and asked the security guard if the homeless man can use the bathroom. Although the guard cannot believe what he’s seeing, he pointed to the direction of the bathroom.

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Things got crazier when the homeless man joined other smokers in the smoking area. He even brought his vape with him and took a selfie.

The trio took their prank to the highest level for the last part. Again, the homeless man appeared in front of a convenience store and took a seat beside a customer. As expected, the customer became guarded but his fear was replaced with amazement when the homeless man unboxed an expensive phone in front of him. Many people crowded around them with utter shock and amazement. Truly, this prank has been entertaining from the start.

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Soon as they discovered that everything was just a prank. As of writing, the video garnered 5 million views. YouTube users Takomi already have more than 600,00 subscribers. They constantly upload funny videos weekly on their channel.

Watch The Full Video Here:


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