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WATCH: OFW in Hong Kong collapses

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Earning money to sustain our families is definitely not an easy task. More and more families go under the poverty line every day, and most of them stay there due to the lack of opportunities that open for them. That’s why most breadwinners of families opt to fly abroad and work there in the hopes of finding the right opportunities that would help the economic status of their families.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) has been introduced to us as the country’s modern day heroes. More than the sacrifice of being separated from their loved ones, OFWs also have economic contributions to our country. In the latest survey in 2016, there are approximately 2.2 Million OFWs abroad, making the Philippines the 4th largest recipient of foreign remittances.

It isn’t a secret how poor the existing employment conditions are for the OFWs. Long hours of work that is not compensated properly, physically demanding workload, and sometimes, unkind employers that make the work experience unbearable. Sadly, our OFWs feel like they have no choice but endure it, if they want to put food on their families’ table.

Homesickness is also one of the consequences our OFWs have to face and fight through. We are known for having close-knit ties with our families, and the adjustment they have to make when going abroad is emotionally exhausting. After a long, hard day of work, there will be no family members to put a smile on their faces. Instead, the lonely situation of living miles away from home will add to the weariness of working all day.

Stories of extreme sacrifices and tear-jerking narratives of our modern-day heroes always make their rounds on social media, garnering attention from netizens. Filipinos are very soft-hearted when it comes to stories of hard work and love for family. A short clip of an OFW in Hongkong that surfaced online generated sympathy from Filipinos all over the world.

On her day-off from working, the woman suddenly collapsed in a public place. This caused commotion and worry from the people who witnessed the scene. Fortunately, an emergency team quickly responded to this woman’s needs and put her on a stretcher for first aid.

The footage just showed how real the extreme conditions our OFWs have to face when working abroad.

Fighting fatigue and homesickness takes a toll on them physically, and to say that their lives are at stake is not an exaggeration. We can only hope that someday, there will be enough opportunities for everyone inside the country that no one has to be away from their families again and work in such inhumane situations.

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Watch The Full Video Here:

OFW sa Hong Kong biglang bumagsak nang mag-collapse sa kanyang day-off PAGALING KA KABAYAN..KAWAWA KA NAMAN YAN ANG NANGYAYARI SA DAY OFF MO 😩😪 PAPA GOD HELP NYO PO SIYA 🙏🙏#ATMCentralHongkong(c) April Barnizo

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