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The Professor Kept on Penalizing This Student For Being Late, Until He Knew The Reason. This Will Make You Cry!

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As a popular saying goes, we should never judge a book by its cover. In life, there a lot of complexities, and most of the time, it’s not the usual or what meets the eye that justifies some things. For example, if there is a person that we don’t understand, most often than not, that person has his or her reason for acting the way he does, we just have to rationalize and take the time to know the person more.

We are caught up in the bustle of our daily life that we forget how hard it might be for some people. We tend to become selfish, and though there is nothing wrong with this as this is an integral part of our humanity to always put our needs before others, sometimes we become too insensitive.

This story will remind us otherwise.

We value education highly in our country and in other Asian countries. Being a third world country, without much money and resources, our parents put a high value on education because they believe it is the only thing that can pass on to their children.

It is the one thing that no one can take away from anyone. It’s better to be learned than rich, so they say. It’s better to have the backing of knowledge rather than money. If one has the proper education, then somehow it’s a guarantee that someone is set for life and make sensible choices.

However, there is a disconnect, while we know the need to attend a formal school of study. It is very costly and expensive and because of that more students tend to drop out and just focus on earning to help out his or her family.

In this video, a teacher always reprimands one of the students because of coming in late to school. The teacher always hits the student’s hand with a stick.

He did this for three consecutive days, and of course he also received the stick for three days. On the fourth day, the teacher happened to jog in a new neighborhood. While he was running, he saw his late student, he tried to call him, but he did not hear his professor.

This was where he learned the truth.

The student was always late because he was juggling school with work. On early mornings, he delivers newspapers to houses and buildings. The teacher was so moved and was so ashamed that he did not even knew about this because he focused on rules rather than on understanding his student.

Watch the video and this will open up your eyes and heart more!

Watch The Full Video Here:

Very true heart touching video

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