Anne Curtis electrifies the arena during her R&B performance with James Reid!

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Without a doubt, Anne Curtis is one of this generation’s most iconic stars. Through the years, she has proven this to all of us as an actress, a model, and a host. Among all the skills that she has, we are all aware that Anne has a strong passion for singing. Unfortunately, she was not blessed with the skills of most professional musicians. Despite this, she still gives her heart out whenever she performs songs for her audiences. This is one of the things that made Anne really admirable.

As we know, she has had the opportunity to live out her musical dreams through her concerts. Recently, she was able to make the whole stadium stand up in probably one her most iconic performances to date. In the said performance, the star shared the stage with one of the biggest male celebrities today. It was none other than the multi-talented, James Reid.

Aside from being a model and an actor, we know well enough that James Reid also possesses musical gifts.

He has shown this to us in his numerous hit songs that fans and even those who do not follow the star as much, learned to love and actually jam to from time to time.

Going back, Anne recently had another concert called “ANNEKULIT”. As said earlier, she performed a number with James Reid. Together, the duo did their own rendition of foreign artist Nelly’s 2000’s classic “Dilemma”. Admittedly, it was not perfect. Despite this, it was still able to fulfill the job of bringing joy to the crowd. The audience surely enjoyed what they witnessed. Aside from this, they surely had fun in the whole concert as well.

A really great thing about artists like Anne Curtis is that she is really confident in herself. She is not afraid of what people will say. At the end of the day, she knows that what she is doing brings her fans happiness. This is a really important trait, especially if a lot of people look up to you. We would like to commend Anne for all the years of showing us her true colors and teaching us to love ourselves. We can’t wait for her next concert! It will surely be bigger and whole lot more fun than the previous ones. Congratulations, Anne!

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