Ramon Tulfo got criticized for disrespecting the staff of PGH

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Filipino broadcaster and columnist Ramon Tulfo recently posted a video that went viral. It was about his experience with Philippine General Hospital (PGH) treatment to poor patients. The incident started when the driver of Tulfo bumped a child in the crowded place in Navotas.

Thinking it was an emergency, they immediately decided to go to a hospital to seek a medical attention for the little girl. But it was puzzling for the netizens why they took her to PGH when it is an hour away from Navotas. Some were thinking that Tulfo can’t afford to pay in a non-government hospital.

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But the criticism of the people about the issue didn’t stop there. What makes almost everyone mad is how Tulfo behave and treated the staff of PGH inside their Emergency Room (E.R.) The moment Tulfo and his team went inside the E.R. they started filming the whole scenario.

Doctor Jay Guerrero told them not to film anything because it is against the privacy policy of the hospital. But Tulfo then insisted and start behaving rudely. He disrespected the staff assisting the little girl and mouthed bad words to them.

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According to Tulfo he reacted that way because the staff isn’t doing their job to treat the patient accordingly. Instead, they are more focus on telling Tulfo not to film the entire thing. The staff then has to call their security to stop Tulfo from making a scene.

Tulfo still uploaded the video he took to his Facebook page and it went viral. He put a caption saying,

“My driver bumped a six-year-old girl playing in a congested street of Navotas while we were on a convoy on the way back to our office at Ortigas Center, Pasig, from a relief operation in the town. My staff and I rushed the child to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) emergency room.”

“The ER doctor, Jay Guerrero, did not want to give the child first aid treatment, saying he didn’t want it recorded on video. No amount of pleading from me to attend to the young patient would budge the good doctor.”

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But people who have watched the video reacted the other way around. Instead of putting their side up to Tulfo, they thought of how mean he is to the staff of PGH. They said that he should have just obeyed the policy the doctor told them instead of traumatizing people with vulgar language.


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