Ben Tulfo accused GMA-7 amd 24 Oras Of Stealing His Show’s Video

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When we were studying one of the most important things that our teacher would remind us is to always cite our sources. It is very important to mention where we get our sources because it is their intellectual property that we use, and it is our responsibility to give respect to them via proper citation.

And so, this is the reason why broadcast journalist Ben Tulfo was enraged yesterday, August 18, in one of his videos. In the video posted in the Youtube channel of Ben’s show, BITAG, Ben repeatedly called out GMA-7 and its news segment, 24-ORAS after it used the footage that belongs to Ben’s team.

According to the 63-year-old journalist, 24-ORAS never asked permission from them when they used the video. It was then kind of acceptable for Ben because he said that they intentionally shared the video in the media.

However, Ben was enraged with the fact that the news program did not properly cite them as the source of the material. Ben then started to call them “magnanakaw” because instead of putting BITAG as their courtesy, they out PNP-NCRPO-RSOU.

And another thing that caused Ben to react is that the news program blurred the word BITAG found in the jacket of a lady who was shown in the video. Ben then started to show the side-by-side comparison of the video to prove his point.

He also said that his feud with the show and with some of its personnel caused the failure to cite the BITAG team as the main source of the footage. The news anchor was enraged when he said that the personnel of the news program in GMA-7 are fooling him so he will be returning them the favor.Ben then sent a warning and challenged them to do it again.

The video which Ben claims 24-ORAS did not cite is the video of a police operation against a man who is blackmailing his girlfriend. According to BITAG’s report, the man kept on sending messages to his girlfriend saying if she will not follow what he wants, he will post her private pictures online.

The Tulfo Brothers have been known for their public service and for their “bagsik at tapang” when they are helping people who are in need. They have been put under different controversies throughout their careers as news anchors and broadcast journalists. The other Tulfos, Raffy, Ramon and Erwin are still active and media and have their own programs as well.

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP

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