WATCH: Aktwal Footage Kung Saan Nag-amok Ang Isang Gwardya Matapos Mapikon Sa Customer, Viral Ngayon Sa Social Media

Nothing good happens once you break the rules. In commercial establishments, they implement certain policies to ensure the security of everyone. Nowadays, the occurrence of bad things is really rampant. There is nothing wrong in taking extra caution just like what the guard of a pawnshop did. He called out the customer wearing a hat but they drastically ended up in a heated argument.
This incident which happened in Calamba, Laguna is well-documented by another customer inside the pawnshop. In the circulating video online, the two are already hurling words towards each other.

It turns out wearing hats while inside the establishment is prohibited. As we all know, this small thing is also considered a threat to safety. People are hard to recognize under surveillance camera if there is an object on their head covering their face from the view above. Aside from that, there could be something
At first, the customer followed the guard’s instruction to remove his hat. The customer was quick to wear it again moments later. He explained that he only did it to erase the suspicion of him hiding something dangerous on his hat.
However, his reason is not acceptable to the guard. He pointed out that the customer does not know how to follow simple protocols. It sparked an intense debate between the two. No one wants to back down as they continued the exchange of harsh claims.

Things escalated after the guard was seen holding on to his holstered firearm. One wrong move and everything could end up tragically. To everyone’s relief, his attempt to use his gun is the farthest their argument went.

Netizens expressed their opinions on the incident. Some says how the fault goes to the customer for not following simple rules. While others disapproved why the guard had to reach for his gun while handling the situation.

Watch the full video here:

Hindi ako nagmura ang sabi ko "BINYAG NA AKO" 😂Ang di ko lang maget's ang daming pwede ipalusot bakit "BINYAG NA AKO" pa 😂 eh talaga naman nagmura ka manong.Hindi po ako one sided dito, Wala po ako pinapanigan share kolang. Ganito po yun eh. Cut nalang naten ang iba masyado mahaba. "Pumasok si kuya na naka blue naka sumbrero, sinita ni manong guard, tinanggal naman ni kuya tas nung nakita na ni manong binalik nya kasi clear naman na walang laman yun ulo or sumbrero nya kaya binalik na nya.(ang alam ko bawal ang sumbrero or shades) Eh si manong guard "hindi ka maalam sumunod sa rules ng management" (nagpakagalit na parang manager) simula na ang sagutan. Tas napamura si manong ng mahina pero pakinig namen at ni kuyang naka sando, kaya ganon nalang maka react si kuyang naka sando. Natatawa ako nung sinabi nyang BINYAG NA AKO pigil pigil kolang baka kasi mabaril ako Sayang naman ang BINYAG KO.Habang nasa cebuana eto yung nasaksihan ko 💪Sa Calamba mayapa laguna#binyagnaako 😂#ganapnakristianokana 😂#respect

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