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Binansagang ‘5 Minutes Girl’ Matapos Makipag-away Sa Mga Traffic Enforcer, Naglabas Ng Kanyang Pahayag

One way or another, you may have seen the latest viral road rage video that happened in the country. If you are not aware, it is the one that featured an angry couple who confronted the MMDA officials of the area. Apparently, the wife was being ticketed for parking her vehicle illegally. After a lot of shouting and talking back to the officials, her husband came into the scene as well. Instead of pacifying the situation, he just added up to all the heat that already took place. This post went viral and got a lot of reactions. Recently, the couple released their public apology.

The couple still requested not to show their faces as they explained themselves in a more calm and collective manner this time around. Apparently, the issue has blown up so big that it reached big networks like ABS-CBN. The first one to speak up was the wife, who people have started calling the “5-minutes woman” after the incident. The wife read out the apology that was written on a piece of paper. She specified her apologies for Colonel Bong Nebrija and constable Azures, whom she had most altercations with.

She pleaded for everyone to understand that their emotions got the better of them during the heated situation. Her husband followed up her words by thanking the MMDA officials for giving them the opportunity to publicly apologize for all the commotion that they caused during the said event. To end, he stated that as a couple, they will fully recognize the consequences of their actions. Netizens still continued to express mixed reactions after watching the new video.

At times, these incidents can really happen. It is fairly human to get run over by emotions. On the other hand, I hope this serves as a lesson not only for the couple but everyone who goes on the road on a daily basis. It is a noble act that they apologized but again, this situation could have been avoided easily. Hopefully, people start to become more responsible after this incident.

Watch the video here:

Public apology

PANOORIN: Humingi na ng paumanhin ang piskal at kanyang asawa na nakasagutan ng mga tauhan ng MMDA na hahatakin sana ang kanilang sasakyan dahil sa ilegal na pagparada.

Posted by ABS-CBN News on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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SOURCE/S: TNP, Tnpmedia

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