Newlyweds passed out after getting drunk at wedding!

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While it is great to have fun at weddings – especially with all of the free booze lying around, people often get too excited and overestimate the level of their alcohol tolerance.

Most of the times, those who get drunk at a wedding are the happy couple’s guests; however, this time around, this couple became viral online when they were the ones who became drunk at their own wedding – and passed out!

Last July 27, this sweet couple decided they wanted to spend their lives together and exchanged vows. It was indeed a happy moment for everyone so naturally; an after-party was waiting for them when they finish the ceremonies.

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Of course, the newlywed wanted all of their guests to have fun, but they did not forget to enjoy the party as well – and maybe just a little too much because the night ended with both of them passed out.

It was the groom who shared the photos and videos of him and his wife passed out and drunk. Their friends and guests had to carry the couple back to their cars because the alcohol simply took all of their ability to walk.

In the groom’s post, he captioned it with a sweet post that read, “Our Perfect Happy Wedding with an Epic Ending; ‘The couple that Wal Wal together, Stays Happily forever”; and even the own bride commented on her husband’s post!

Also, it was little harder to get the bride into her seat at the car because of her beautiful white wedding dress. Nevertheless, they both made it– thanks to their family and friends.

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This epic story was immediately recognized by many people on social media with over a thousand comments in just a week! Many netizens were commenting on how they feel they would be like that as well at their own weddings, one said “Ngayon pa lang alam ko na mangyayari sa kasal ko.”

Another said the couple simply took chance of maximizing the moment, “Once in a lifetime lang daw kasi kaya sinulit nila yung pagkakataon.”

Some found what happened humorous and were worried for the couple’s hangover the next morning, “Ang epic nung kasal nila bes! Haha. Tindi siguro ng hangover nyan kinabukasan! Haha”

Most couples enjoy their wedding night with the traditional honeymoon, but this is no ordinary couple because they chose to party at maximum capacity on the night of their wedding.

Fret not however, because the couple shared in their Facebook profiles that they enjoyed a well-deserved honeymoon in Maldives!

Watch The Full Video Here:

Posted by Jomer Balila on Saturday, July 28, 2018

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