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LOOK: Drew Arellano shares a haircut hack for babies

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Getting a haircut is something adults do all the time without even thinking twice it has become a necessity that is simply part of an adults monthly or weekly errands.

On the other hand, a baby first trip to the salon or the barber shop is one milestone that most parents really look forward to up until the baby starts to get all fussy and irritated once the hairdresser gets near.

But father and son duo Drew and Primo Arellano prove that this situation is not always the case.

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In a video that was recently uploaded on Primos Instagram page, it can be seen that his parents, actors and television hosts Drew Arellano and Iya Villania, found a way to make Primo comfortable for his scheduled haircuts: by letting him watch his favorite show on his dads lap while the hairdresser snipped his way around the two of them.

While the hairdresser was carefully going through Primos thick head of hair, Primos total focus was on his dads phone that was playing his show out loud.

He was smiling and laughing at what he was watching, completely ignoring what was going on around him while his dad looked on, looking proud of the well planned tactic he and his wife deviced.

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Mama and Papa dont normally let me indulge in my fave YouTube videos but sometimes they get desperate ???? hihi… But hey! Who doesnt like my new haircut?? ????????? Thank you Tito Fred! hairshaftfred Primos post said.

Primos post immediately gained hundreds and thousands of views and many followers showed their love and support for the family through their comments. Hahahaha! ang cute ni Primo ?? same sila ng baby ko kapag pinapagupitan ko sa SM, ganyan na ganyan kailangan panoorin mo sya sa cellphone para malibang haha kundi nako nagwawala hahaha, one netizen shared. I like that don’t normally indulge in fave YT videos.

Goes to show that your parents got a lot of time for you that focusing just on those gadgets alone. another follower said.
Many followers could not help themselves as well and left comments about how big and cute Primo is, especially after his new trouble free haircut.

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This made my morning! We love you Primo loco gwapito! ?????? one netizen said. my favorite babyyy ???? so kyooooooooottt!! Ang pogii pogi, another user commented.

With Primos 2nd birthday coming up and after showing the world just how well behaved and well mannered he is through his posts and videos it seems like Primo is indeed ready to become a big brother as the Arellano family awaits for their new baby to arrive.

Watch The Full Video Here:

Ang cute nilang mag-ama

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